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  • Chart Your Progress
    Chart Your Progress

    Use a fitness report card to chart your success! Try to get A’s in the following subjects:  Cardio, Muscle Conditioning, Flexibility and Attitude. Next tip →

  • Take 5
    Take 5

    Try to remember not to have an “all-or-nothing” attitude about working out.  Take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for some push-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks. Next tip →

  • Move your Body
    Move your Body

    Move around all day long!!  Every move you make in a day raises your metabolism, burns calories and keeps you healthy. Next tip →


  • Turn up the Treadmill
    Turn up the Treadmill

    Try shaking up your treadmill dulldrums with some interval training.  Make your heart rate change every few minutes by increasing or descreasing the incline and pace. Next trick →

  • Hungry in the afternoon?
    Hungry in the afternoon?

    Try some nuts and berries.  Nuts are high in protein which will give you energy for a longer period of time than any carb would and are often just as satifying. Next trick →

  • Pace around the Place
    Pace around the Place

    Instead of sitting for a conference call, get up and pace.  If you have to sit for awhile practice tightening your abs, squeeze your butt and pull your shoulders back and down. Next trick →