“In a city where a minute is equivalent to 10 in the rest of the world, its important to spend your time efficiently! Stephanie as a health coach and an instructor has changed my entire health regimen and my body! Her live body workouts are enthusiastic and fun! The adrenalin that goes through my body is the same as when i am on trial. Workouts will her are hard core without feeling it. You are never disappointed In the lack of sweat build up in her classes! And yes you better get in early to even get a spot.. Like everything else in manhattan..No other instructor has motivated me to want to work out like stephanie! She’s simply incredible! “

- Joelle R.


“Taking a fitness class with Stephanie Levinson will undoubtedly change your mind about exercise — at least it did for me. The energy and enthusiasm class she has as a teacher not only provides a challenging work out for your body, but also provides a soul enriching experience to get the most out of a class for the person whom it matters the most: you. “

Amy Adler, GQ Magazine


“Stephanie’s workouts are body changing!” 

Sharon, writer NYC


“I’ve been taking Stephanie’s classes for over 4 years now and am addicted to them!   Stephanie knows how to motivate her students and make them feel good about themselves while delivering a fun and challenging workout in every class. Stephanie offers several classes and my favorites are: Cardio Core Ball, Ultimate Workout, and FLAB-U-LESS.  It is clear that she loves what she does and cares about her students.”

 Danielle, student NYC 


“I follow Stephanie everywhere!  I have been taking her classes for 7 years and it never gets old! She is the only one who can motivate me to work out hard on a day when I have had no sleep,  cranky kids and a mean boss to deal with.  She really wants her students to get in good shape and feel good about themselves.  It is so easy to take a class from somebody who really cares.  I am truly grateful to her. ” 

Mindy, executive, NYC

“toughest and best class at the gym!  I plan my schedule around Stephanie’s class” 

Michael, SCLA Rock Center, NYC


“After trying almost every exercise class out there over the past 15 years – pilates, yoga, gyrotonics, barre method, kickboxing, spin, step class, dance classes – I can very honestly say that Stephanie’s workout is the most efficient and effective I have taken. The killer combination of aerobic intervals, weight training and her ability to consistently mix up the exercises has given me the best results yet. Her formula is fun and challenging and the proof is in her longstanding devotees who travel all over Manhattan to take her classes. They see the same positive changes in their bodies and endurance level that I do and that is what keeps us coming back month after month. “