Slim Body Fitness: The Ultimate fat burning, body sculpting DVD. 8 innovative workouts you can mix and match to get maximum results in record time. Everything from dynamic cardio intervals, concentrated ab work and effective scientifically proven sculpting for the hard to tone areas such as thighs and gluts.

FLAB-U-LESS: A Workout like no other! One of the most popular classes in NYC. FLAB-U-LESS will not only burn a ton of calories while you are working out, it will also keep your metabolism way up long after your workout is over! Scientifically designed to sculpt the body and burn fat in record time! High Intensity cardio intervals are followed by targeted body work for the gluts/quads/hips, upper body and abdominals. Everything you need for a total body workout!

Cardio Core Cuts: Non-stop cardio specifically designed to sculpt and define your waistline. An amazing variety of challenging yet easy to follow exercises that burn calories at the highest rate while toning your arms, legs, glutes and especially your core. Incredibly effective–incredibly fun!!

Top Shape at Top Speed: Be energized and inspired to your max! 3 full 30 minutes workout designed to boost your metabolism and get you in the best shape of your life. Each workout combines original cardio drills with the right sculpting exercises to get the best results in record time. A comprehensive training method that will take you to your personal best!

The Ultimate Fat Burning Ski and Sport Workout: This workout has been featured in several magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Self and Shape. Three segments-speed and agility, strength and balance, and core and flexibility combine to give you 90 minutes of intense fitness training. Ideal for ski/snow board training, or for anybody looking for an intense workout that completely challenges and inspires any fitness conditioning routine.